The lecture will from now on be held from 12.15 - 13.45 o'clock in the room KOL-F-118. We are sorry for the inconvenience we caused by changing the lecture time and room but it was decided that the lectures will be recorded and made available as podcasts for the students. The only other time and room available for recording is from 12.15-13.45 in KOL-F-118. We are aware that the change in time and place is colliding with other lectures students have to take. Since presence in our Gesellschaftsrecht lecture is not mandatory students who will not be able to change their lectures so they can attend ours can watch the podcasts which will be made available on our website. There are some seats available outside the camera angle. However, it is possible that due to technical difficulties the lectures cannot be recorded without any disturbances or at all. Students not attending and/or not taking notes during the lectures in person will do so at their own risk.