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Stupid Laws - The Moral Limits of the Criminal Law

Stupid Laws

The Law Faculty of the University of Zurich is very pleased to announce this seminar in cooperation with Professor Doron Teichman from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The seminar elaborates on the question of what sorts of conduct can be legitimately criminalised by a state. The objective of the course is to discuss fundamental theories which are used to either legitimate or limit a state's power to impose penal sanctions. In doing so, we will examine the reason for criminal liability regarding different «stupid» criminal offences (e.g. drug offences, offences against personal honour, pornography, assisting suicide etc.).

The discussion is going to take place in the form of a block seminar on 21–23 November 2018 in Zurich together with students from the University of Bern.

The preliminary meeting will take place on March 9 from 12:15–13.00h in the room KO2-F-153. For further details see the attached pdf below.


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