Current Projects and Activities

UN Research Project on Basel III

Professor Kern Alexander is leading a research project sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the University of Cambridge analysing the Basel Capital Accord's (also known as ‘Basel III’) impact on lending for clean energy projects. Based on this analysis, the project produced a report in 2014 explaining the research findings and making recommendations for how Basel III can be modified and/or how optimal financing structures can be devised to support bank lending for environmentally sustainable projects that help achieve international climate change objectives. His research is also concerned with the macro-prudential economic effects of bank capital regulation on certain areas of sustainable finance.

Research Project on Global Financial Governance and Macro-prudential Regulation

This research project analysed the implications of macro-prudential regulation and ensuing challenges when applied to the global financial markets.

Program - Meeting on Rethinking Stakeholder Participation in Global Governance (February 26-27, 2015) (PDF, 285 KB)

Global Financial Governance (Early Draft, February 2015) (PDF, 280 KB)