Linguistic Quality as a Challenge for Legislative Drafting

16. Annual Conference of the Centre for Legislative Studies



There is no good legislation without proper language: legislative texts should be phrased in a precise, succinct and clear manner. The 16. Annual Conference of the Centre for Legislative Studies of the University of Zurich will investigate the consequences this requirement bears for the process and method of legislation. In the morning, several plenary talks will elaborate on the role that linguistic considerations come to play during the different stages of the legislative process. In the afternoon, participants will be able to attend workshops in which drafting techniques such as legal definitions, sentence construction, schedules, cross-references and the strive for conciseness will be discussed from a linguistic and cognition-oriented point of view.

Language The conference will be in German.
Date Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Time 09.15 – 17.00
Location University of Zurich
Costs CHF 300.– (UZH CHF 50.– for members of UZH)


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Deadline: 14.08.2017

The number of participants is limited.