Dr. Colette R. Brunschwig

Legal Image Database

She is responsible for the content management of the Legal Visualization Unit's legal image database


Her research focuses on legal visualization (legal norm images, verbo-visual contracts, and so forth), legal audiovisualization (legal videos, legal animations, and so forth), and legal multi-sensorization (legal virtual realities, humanoid robots for legal purposes). Her publications, postings, and presentations at national and international conferences strive to promote, expand, and intensify the ongoing debate on these subject matters. Most of her English language scholarship is available on her SSRN site (see https://www.ssrn.com/en/ and search "Colette R. Brunschwig" in the search field to find Doctor Colette R. Brunschwig's most pertinent publications).


Professor-Walther-Hug-Preis, in recognition of her PhD thesis "Visualisierung von Rechtsnormen - Legal Design (2001).