Dr. Colette R. Brunschwig

Legal Image Database

She is responsible for the content management of the Legal Visualization Unit's legal image database


Her research focuses on legal history, legal iconography , legal iconology, legal informatics, legal pedagogy, legal psychology, and multisensory law (especially visual law, audiovisual law, and tactile-kinesthetic law).

In her PhD thesis "Visualisierung von Rechtsnormen - Legal Design" [= Visualization of Legal Norms - Legal Design] (2001), she started exploring how  it is possible to visualize modern legal norms. As the law manifests itself not only as a visual phenomenon, but increasingly as an audiovisual (see, e.g., Legal Education Films for Law Students) and a tactile-kinesthetic phenomenon (see, e.g., Legal Tactile-Kinesthetics for Lawyers), she is extending her research to these sensory legal phenomena.

Her publications, postings, and presentations at national and international conferences strive to promote, expand, and intensify the ongoing debate on these phenomena.


Professor-Walther-Hug-Preis, in recognition of her PhD thesis "Visualisierung von Rechtsnormen - Legal Design (2001).