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Recent Publications:

  • Chapter 7: Legal Systems Influenced by Religion, in: Müller-Chen Markus/Müller Christoph/Widmer-Lüchinger Corinne, Comparative Private Law (2015), by Eveline Schneider Kayassseh and Patrick Brozzo
  • Judicial encounters with Islamic and Middle Eastern family law in Switzerland for a private international law perspective - marriage and divorce (2014), by Prof. Dr. Andrea Büchler
  • Islamisches Familienrecht und ordre public in Europa. Oder: welches sind die fundamentalen Grundsätze europäischer Familienrechtsordnungen? (2014), by Prof. Dr. Andrea Büchler
  • Medically Assisted Reproduction in Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: Sunni and Shia Legal Debates (2014), by Prof. Dr. Andrea Büchler and Dr. Eveline Schneider Kayasseh
  • Organ Transplantation in the United Arab Emirates: Legal, Ethical and Historical Aspects (2014), by Dr. Eveline Schneider Kayasseh

Seminar in Morocco

Under the direction of Prof. Andrea Büchler took place a seminar entitled "Change and Persistence: Family and Inheritance Laws of the Islamic World" in Marrakesh between 20 October and 25 October 2015. more